Bowling Night Objects Separated

 Requires: SP10 – Bowling Night Stuff

To keep the files small, these rely on the original in-game object for their textures . They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the MOO cheat to place these in all slots.

Objects Included:

  • Bowling Ball
  • Bowling Ball – Clear Skull
  • Bowling Ball Trophy
  • Bowling Banner
  • Bowling Pin Trophy
  • Bowling Shirt Display
  • Commemorative Plate
  • Cup Trophy
  • Display Tag
  • Leaning Frame
  • Retro Wall Star
  • Cheers To Me Trophy Case – Emptied & Slotted
  • Cheers To Me Trophy Case – Glass
  • Cheers To Me Trophy Case Reversed – Emptied  & Slotted
  • Cheers To Me Trophy Case Reversed – Glass
  • Soda Fountain
  • Left of Way Wall Light
  • Bottles 1-4
  • Bowling Bag
  • Old Bowling Pin
  • Triple B Back Shelves 1-5
  • Triple B Back Shelves 1, 2, 4, 5 Reversed

I’ve separated everything I could possibly separate from this pack. I even separated the star from the display so you can use it as wall art 🙂

Speaking of the display, the glass for it is separate. I did this because I had too much trouble trying to put stuff into the case with the glass being a part of the mesh. So you’ll want to clutter your display then add the glass to the floor slot underneath the cabinet. You won’t be able to see the slot but if you play around with it you’ll see it line up properly once it’s in. Then you can move the whole display as if the glass were attached or if you want to re-decorate it you can pull the glass off and put it back when you’re finished!

I did these pretty quickly so please let me know if I messed anything up…Enjoy!

Original meshes and textures by EA. Made with Sims4Studio.



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